Representation By Design – A Review On Race

The critical examination of who is doing the designing; what is being designed; where ‘design’ is taking place; why certain types of design are being promoted; and how these images, products, and environments are designed, produced and consumed. It explores the ways that various diversity groups have affected the design disciplines and, in turn, the ways that these disciplines have affected various diversity groups.  Diversity in Design is dedicated to the task of promoting and sustaining critical investigation into all of the design fields and the ways that they address social and cultural differences.

As designers, if we imagine the wide array of possible values, we can uncover an equally wide array of possible design approaches and solutions that might manifest and support other ways of thinking and being.

Therefore, representation is a necessity.

“When you begin to ask those questions of what it means as a designer to be a culture maker, you ask harder questions about what kind of culture you’re creating.”

Why Can’t the U.S. Decolonize Its Design Education?

To Question Is To Act.

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