Dynamic Uncertainties

About the impossibility of Knowledge in hyper-accelerated environments


≪The mind seeks what is dead, for what is living escapes it… In order to analyze a body it is necessary to extenuate or destroy it. In order to understand anything it is necessary to kill it.≫

Miguel de Unamuno


Lack of stability, uncertainty and acceleration. The fact that the foundations of the academia and the educational system are wobbling is just a further consequence of an ever-changing environment in which speed increases exponentially and paradigms are constantly being renewed. Changes occur one after another, with such a frenetic pace that any capacity of assimilation proves impossible.

On the other hand, the constant emergence of new areas of knowledge, stimuli, markets, and all kinds of supra-sensory experiences hinders the ability for individuals to adapt and enhances the emergence of new realities. Words such as post-truth or hype become relevant in a environment that could well be compared to the Uncertainty Principle that physicist W. Heisenberg enunciated in 1927.


Uncertainty Principle.(W.Heisenberg, 1927)

It is impossible to measure simultaneously and with absolute precision the value of the position and the amount of movement of a particle.


Main Objectives

  • Determine & analyze the role of the digital media in the current knowledge dissemination process. 
  • Find out the relationship between knowledge and velocity based on its similarity to the Uncertainty Principle.
  • Portray movement and turn it into an element of communication
  • How could this movement become knowledge?
  • Create a Communication artefact that aims to be reflexive, critical and explanatory.


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