Ode to the Image

“Images are nodes of energy and matter that migrate across different supports, shaping and affecting people, landscapes, politics, and social systems. They acquire an uncanny ability to proliferate, transform and activate.” [1]

“The poor image thus constructs anonymous global networks just as it creates a shared history. It builds alliances as it travels, provokes translation or mistranslation, and creates new publics and debates.” [1]

Summary: This project aims to address the importance of image circulation on the Internet and its message as a vehicle for social and political discussions in the disconnected world of the network. As it circulates, the poor image ends up provoking new debates and creating shared history. However, in a world full of images, it is necessary to stop the flow and withdraw the ideas / messages to reinforce the importance of the subjects portrayed.

Research direction: Poor images are able to move quickly through several internet users. This way the propagation of an idea is made easy, and will reach further in a short time. These images draw attention to the discussion of poor image circulation on the Internet and its message in the public offline space.

Results: Production and dissemination of images created by users; To explore the collaborative online aspect, in order to highlight the sharing of thoughts and reactions in the network, through the image; Reflect social issues using the image as a vehicle; Generate communities more aware of the sub-text of the images and their value; Exploring two spaces, online and offline public space.

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[1] Hito Steyerl (2009), In Defense of the Poor Image

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