On Knowing

Investigative direction: Decolonization of knowledge

Key words: Decolonization, Knowledge, Bias, Counter-Culture Publication

“One could go so far as to say that knowledge has forever been tainted by Eurocentric bias”. [1] For this reason, “knowledge is political”. [2] Recognizing what is real from what feels true as a remnant of colonial mentality is, hence, an act of defiance against the inherited power structures.

1. Ansari, A. (2018) “What Knowledge for Decolonising the Philosophy of Technology?” In Distributed, David Blamey and Brad Haylock (eds.), London: Open Editions, p.185-197.

2. Hawthorne, S. (2018). “Bibliodiversity: The Politics of Knowledge and the Distribution of Ideas”. In Distributed, David Blamey and Brad Haylock (eds.), London: Open Editions, p.169-184.


Aim & Objectives

This project’s main function is to help identify and deconstruct our inner biases, in an attempt to unveil the binaries which permeate contemporary society and expose them as fallacies. Thus, this is an exploration into the generation of awareness towards the biases which are inherent to the production and diffusion of knowledge. Furthermore, methods of counter-culture publication and of new ways of reading and navigation will also be explored.


The final iteration of the project will be a print publication which explores the acquired notion of the concept of the book as a symbol for knowledge.


This will be done through interaction mechanisms which the reader will have to activate to reveal hidden content. This will complement a non-linear and deconstructed narrative.

What for

The activity on which the artefact will be based has the goal of enhancing the reader/user’s conscience in their interaction with the object and society, in an effort to make apparent that our identity is determined not by our biases but by our choices.

The poster:


Click here for an updated static version.


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