Formas de arquivo e representação da produção académica em Design de Comunicação Sumario Este projecto pretende construir um espaço que … Mais

On Knowing

Investigative direction: Decolonization of knowledge Key words: Decolonization, Knowledge, Bias, Counter-Culture Publication “One could go so far as to say that … Mais

Relatos de Resiliência

Palavras-chave: Memória, Identidade, Resiliência, Memória Coletiva, Arquivo Audiovisual. “…the utopian impulse is always related to the desire of the subject … Mais

Where do I find mySELF?

Bodies in production, postproduction and reproduction. “We can reedit the cut-off parts of the body to create a body that … Mais


«we don’t want to be making monuments and cemeteries that people approach with reverence or fear. We want tools and … Mais

everything is anything else

Palavras-chave: apropriação, imagem pobre, circulacionismo, pós-internet Sumário “[…] constelations of uncannily decisive moments, images made perfect by their imperfections, images … Mais

Dynamic Uncertainties

About the impossibility of Knowledge in hyper-accelerated environments   ≪The mind seeks what is dead, for what is living escapes … Mais

Ode to the Image

“Images are nodes of energy and matter that migrate across different supports, shaping and affecting people, landscapes, politics, and social … Mais